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Dozens of forest fires are burning in Greece

Dozens of fires are burning in Greece. Authorities are investigating the arson that caused a fire northeast of Athens yesterday. Houses and cars burned down near him.

The Civil Protection warns of extreme caution in the areas of Attica, the Peloponnese, the islands of Chios and Samos. In these places the risk of fires is extremely high today and in the next four days.

Police and army units guard high-risk areas. It is completely forbidden to light fires near forests, arresting violators.

Strong units of the fire brigade with 40 firefighters, 12 cars and four planes are trying to control the fire in the Achaia region of the Peloponnese. For now, the fire does not threaten residential areas, firefighters said, but urge residents and tourists to be extremely careful.

In the Attica region, near the old airport in Athens, they put out an air fire with planes.

High temperatures above 40 degrees and wind is a “dangerous cocktail of fire conditions”, warn the media from the Civil Protection.

The wave with very high temperatures, which starts today, will last about a week, are the forecasts for Greece. Traffic police advise to avoid traveling during the day.

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