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Dry grasses burn near the Pleven industrial zone

Stubble and dry grass burn near the Pleven industrial zone. There are 5 fire brigades on site, which are trying to extinguish the fire, BNR reports.

The fire started around noon today, and the smoke can be seen all over the city. There is no information about injured people and property. Mariana Tsvetkova, a spokeswoman for the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior, commented that for several hours now firefighters have been extinguishing burning dry grass, stubble, waste and low-stemmed vegetation.

The probable cause of the disaster is negligence in handling open fire, says Tsvetkova. She reminded that the ban on burning dry grass and stubble is categorical. Violators found will be fined.
There are no closed road sections or roads, the spokesperson of ODMVR-Pleven clarified.

Up-to-date information about the situation around the Industrial Zone of Pleven at 6.40 pm. Once again, non-compliance with basic rules for fire safety and someone's criminal human irresponsibility leads to a high-risk fire situation - for many kilometers sides of the bypass road Sofia-Ruse above Pleven, as well as for the Industrial zone below it… The cars of the fire safety service in For hours, police officers immediately became involved in traffic control and road safety for passengers, due to the heavy smoke in sections of the road and the consequent I was personally convinced, walking around the affected areas, that at this stage there is no direct and immediate danger to industrial enterprises, but fire and police teams will continue to work and monitor until the final suppression of For us, the citizens, we have to breathe the heavily polluted air after the smoke from the fire, to "enjoy" the soot that the wind blows over Pleven… Until the next time, until the next human irresponsibility, until the next fire … As well as we hope to go and pray every time there will be no material damage and human casualties… I thank Commissioner Stanislav Atanasov, Director of RD PBZN-Pleven and Senior Commissioner Veselin Vatov, Director of OD of the Ministry of Interior-Pleven and their staff - firefighters and police officers - for the professional work to control another critical situation caused by criminal negligence !!!

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