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Epidemic explosion from COVID-19 on a ship at the port of Burgas

        An epidemic explosion by COVID-19 on a ship at the port of Burgas was established by the health authorities. The first patient had complaints from July 7 - fatigue, cough, fever. On July 14, the person was transported to UMBAL Burgas for examination and examination, and a rapid antigen test for COVID-19 was performed, which was positive. He was hospitalized in the infectious ward of the medical institution. On July 15, a sample of the remaining 19 members of the ship's crew was organized with PCR tests. 11 staff members have a positive result. Instructions have been issued for the isolation of the same on the ship for a period of 14 days. Their general condition is monitored daily. Three of the positive cases are fever and cough. The contact persons from the crew have no complaints. On July 18, the hospitalized member of the crew was taken to the OAIL of UMBAL Burgas, and died the next day. On July 19, another crew member with a positive COVID-19 test had difficulty breathing and deteriorating general condition. After an examination by a team of CSMP Burgas he was hospitalized in UMBAL Burgas.
          In the issued order for placing the crew under quarantine, RHI Burgas has ordered the disinfection of all premises. The case concerns a cargo ship with a crew of Filipinos. The ship arrives at the port of Bourgas on July 14 and is scheduled to depart on July 23. The last port before mooring in Bourgas is the UAE, on June 27. On July 7-8, the ship crossed the Suez Canal, which required a pilot to board the ship. 
         The crew consists of 20 people. He is not allowed to the shore. Health authorities are monitoring the development of the anti-epidemic situation and are exercising strict control to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic.

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