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A car carrier, a tanker and a bus collided near the Danube Bridge

Two people were injured
Two severe accidents blocked traffic in the area of ​​the Danube Bridge near Ruse. A collision between a truck and a tanker closed one lane shortly after 3 p.m. tonight. While teams were trying to clear the area, three hours later, a Turkish bus with 17 passengers hit a truck and then a car carrier.

Two people were injured in the accident. The accident happened after two tanks stopped due to an accident. Despite the indication, a 21-year-old truck driver crashed into one of the tanks. He was hospitalized with minor injuries. An employee of the Roadside Assistance was also injured.

A lawyer for the Turkish company arrived at the scene of the accident and declined to comment on behalf of the driver. During the inspection of the crashes, kilometers of columns of waiting cars formed.

While a detour was organized for cars, truck drivers waited for hours. As a result of the accident, a significant amount of oil was spilled on the roadway.