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13 accidents caused huge traffic jams on Trakia

See where the pain points are
13 accidents occurred on AM Trakia by noon on Monday.

There are two critical points – near Plovdiv, where there were 10 incidents, and near Burgas with another 3. There is a kilometer-long traffic jam in the direction of Sofia and in the direction of Burgas.

The worst accident was at the 130th km. A car with a Sofia registration catches up with a minivan, hits it from behind. Upon impact, the car flipped onto its roof. Three people were traveling in it – two men and the female driver. They are all injured. They were taken by ambulance to St. George UMBAL in Plovdiv. According to the hospital, one of them died.

At the 144th km, there were two other accidents in which, fortunately, no one was injured. And in the Burgas region, at the 315th km, a car and a van and two other cars collided. The car also overturned at the 316th km before Burgas.

According to traffic police, the cars in the traffic jam do not keep to the limit, and the traffic is very intense. The reason is not only the vacationers who went to the sea on August 1, but also the guest workers returning from Europe to Turkey.