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IN 6 DAYS: More than 70 serious accidents with 13 dead and over 90 injured.

Expert: Road markings in many places are of poor quality and disappear quickly
A serious accident between a bus with Romanian registration and a car took place on the night of August 6 on the road Veliko Tarnovo – Ruse, in the section between the villages of Kutsina and Polikraishte.

According to Bogdan Milchev from the Road Safety Institute, from August 2 to 8, there were more than 70 serious accidents with 13 deaths and over 90 injured. “We are currently in an unprecedented crisis of our transport system. DAPB does not have a risk management plan and they wanted it from us. The Railway Tunnel is ready, but geological surveys are not being carried out due to landslides. There should be an action plan that includes enhanced traffic control during traffic with new means,” he believes.

According to road expert engineer Zhivko Gelkov, markings are missing in many places, and they are disappearing because they are applied with poor-quality materials. “There are objective and subjective factors influencing the occurrence of a disaster. The main one is human error. There are many trees and bushes in the area of ​​the crash, which limits visibility. A 60 km/h road sign does not solve the visibility problem,” he pointed out.

According to him, there is a structure in the API, and in the regional road services there are people responsible for road safety, not BG Toll and the Traffic Police.