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A hurricane-like wind caused serious damage in Ruse as well.

Its speed has reached over 120 km/h
A stormy wind also caused damage in the Municipality of Ruse. This was announced by the director of the municipal directorate “Public order and security” Georgi Ignatov, quoted by BTA.

The hydrometeorological station in the Danube city explained that the wind speed at noon reached over 120 km/h. A storm warning has been issued to ship captains on the Danube River. Ignatov explained that there were reports of fallen trees and branches, as well as several cars affected by them. Crews are working on the cleanup.

Part of the village of Buzan is without electricity due to damage to a substation. The problem is being fixed. A tree fell on the road between the villages of Khotantsa and Dolno Ablanovo, which was removed.