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a man swept a stop and cars

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    The man drove at over 170 km/h and 2 percent of alcohol, sweeping a stop and cars in Veliko Tarnovo.

    The man who took away a bus stop, two cars and a warehouse for vending machines in Veliko Tarnovo was driving with nearly 2 percent of alcohol in his blood and at over 170 kilometers per hour. The District Prosecutor’s Office in the city is expected to bring two charges against him, BNT reported. The 36-year-old driver will be charged with driving while intoxicated and causing serious property damage. The accident happened on Sunday shortly after 22:00 on Magistralna Street in Veliko Tarnovo, which is the busiest section of the city because it is part of the main Sofia-Varna road. The man was moving in the direction from the entrance of Veliko Tarnovo to the city center when he lost control of the vehicle, crashed into two parked cars, into the facade of a warehouse for vending machines and stopped at a public transport stop. The mileage of his car froze at 175 km/h, according to eyewitnesses of the accident. “In my opinion, he was driving at over 190-200 kilometers per hour, since the braking distance, the speed of the impact was about 170 km/h,” explained the owner of the taken warehouse, Stefan Milanov.

    On the spot, the medical examiner found nearly 2 parts per million of alcohol in his blood. Miraculously, there were no victims and no serious injuries. However, the material damage is enormous. “I was at the site 15 minutes before the accident, and when we got here, it became clear that the impact was very serious. Our car was parked 10 meters from its current location, the car is a total loss. The facade of the building was mostly destroyed, inside our water and vending machines, which stops our work for at least 2-3 weeks until we repair the damage,” Milanov said. The driver was placed in the orthopedics of the Veliko Tarnovo hospital with a broken collarbone.

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