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A silo collapsed in Beirut

Forums Industrial Failures A silo collapsed in Beirut

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    A silo at the port of Beirut collapsed after a major fire.

    An explosion of the same two years ago killed more than 200 people
    Part of a huge grain silo collapsed at the port of Beirut. In 2020, it was nearly destroyed in an explosion that killed over 200 people and injured more than 6,000.

    The current collapse followed a weeks-long fire in the northern sector of the silo due to fermenting grain. Firefighters and Lebanese soldiers were unable to extinguish the fire, which continued to smolder and spread a foul smell to nearby towns.

    The collapse threw up a huge amount of dust, and because of the loud rumbling, many thought there had been another explosion. So far, there is no information about casualties.

    “The memory of the August 4 explosion is being revived. We are not worried about us, but about our children, because of the increasing pollution and smells. We don’t even have electricity right now. Instead of providing electricity to the neighborhood so we can close the windows and turn on the fan, we have no electricity,” said Fadi Hussein, a resident of Beirut.

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