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An explosion in a residential building in Sweden

Forums Industrial Failures An explosion in a residential building in Sweden

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    The building exploded in flames, the residents were evacuated
    Dozens were injured in an explosion in an apartment building in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. More than 20 people sought medical help. Four of the victims are in serious condition.

    Police and fire crews arrived on the scene and evacuated the occupants of the building. Some of the occupants jumped out of the windows to escape the fire.

    “Several apartments and stairwells are affected. It is not clear yet what caused the explosion, authorities said. An investigation will establish the causes of the accident. The police do not rule out intentional actions.

    The entire area in the city center was evacuated. Authorities say between 100 and 200 people live in the three entrances, which are directly affected. It is not known if there are any victims who have not yet been found. Firefighters will patrol the building once it is safe to inspect.

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