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COVID-19 vaccines in Bulgaria

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    3,844 people had already been vaccinated across the country

    At today’s meeting the government allocated about 64 million euros in order to provide vaccines in the fight against COVID-19.

    “With them, a total of BGN 305 million /about EUR 156 million/ of Bulgarian taxpayers’ money will go for vaccines. The vaccines are free and are given only at the request of citizens,” Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said and recalled that the vaccines have been approved by the European Medicines Agency and the European Commission.

    During the government meeting, Health Minister Kostadin Angelov informed that vaccination is going according to plan and 3,844 people had already been vaccinated across the country.


    The first doses of Moderna vaccine are arriving in Bulgaria.

    With this, the immunization campaign continues.
    The first doses of the second approved coronavirus vaccine, Moderna, arrive. Delivery takes place simultaneously in all European countries. The expected amount in our country is 2,400 doses. With them continues the first stage of the immunization campaign, in which doctors are vaccinated.

    Yesterday, at a meeting with the Prime Minister, the Headquarters stated that it is possible that doses of a third vaccine will arrive in Bulgaria around mid-February. AstraZeneca will soon be approved by the European Medicines Agency.


    Bulgarian teachers to undergo mass testing for COVID-19.

    Minister Angelov received the first delivery of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccines
    Anti-epidemic measures will change in February at the earliest, Bulgaria’s Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov said. Minister Angelov received the first delivery of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.

    “We will study the real morbidity among teachers in order to decide whether and when students from the upper grades will return to the classrooms. For the purpose, teachers are to undergo mass testing from January 25, when the second vaccination phase covering nursing homes and teachers begins”, Angelov explained.

    “We are prepared to inoculate the people who wish to participate at the sectional election commissions before the Parliamentary elections, but our main goal is to vaccinate participants in mobile sections”, Minister Angelov said further.


    Immunization with the Moderna vaccine begins.

    The first doses received will be used in Sofia
    Immunization against coronavirus begins with the second approved vaccine, Moderna. Yesterday our country received the first shipment of 2400 doses. However, they are intended only for the Sofia Health Inspectorate, as their number is small.

    A larger shipment is expected on January 25. Then we will receive about 4000 doses, which will be distributed among the other RHIs.

    According to the preliminary plan, our country will receive about 500 thousand doses of Moderna vaccine. Immunization with it requires two doses at 28-day intervals.




    3600 more doses of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine arrived.

    The first delivery of the AstraZeneca vaccine is expected in early February
    Today, 3,600 doses of the MODERNA COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Bulgaria.

    Tomorrow, February 1, Bulgaria will receive another 17,550 doses – another delivery of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine.

    The first delivery of the AstraZeneca vaccine is expected in early February – just over 48,000 doses.


    New shipment of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines arrives in Sofia.

    17,000 more doses have been delivered
    17,000 more doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine against COVID-19 arrived in Bulgaria Monday morning.

    “Another 260,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine are expected later this month. We are waiting for information and a short description of the product,” Bogdan Kirilov, chairman of the Bulgarian Medicines Agency, said.

    Delivery of the Moderna vaccines is expected to be delayed. Withindays Bulgaria will receive 6,000 instead of 8,000 doses. The delay will be compensated by the end of the month, BTA reported.

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