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Fire over the Rhodopean village of Yugovo-Bulgaria

Forums Fires Fire over the Rhodopean village of Yugovo-Bulgaria

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    Firefighters, foresters and volunteers are battling a large fire that broke out on Thursday over the village of Yugovo, Lucky Municipality.

    After receiving the signal, three fire trucks with teams from Asenovgrad, Lucky and Chepelare with 8 firefighters, forest officers from the State Fire Service with 7 off-road vehicles, as well as volunteers deployed on both fronts of the fire were directed to the place. At noon, a MoD helicopter joined the firefighting effort, which assisted the firefighting in the open second outbreak.

    During the night, a fire brigade and forest officers were on duty at the scene. In the late hours of the night, after burning logs and debris in the ravines, the fire resumed in several places.

    Today, 6 fire trucks with 14 firefighters, about 30 SFE employees and 30 MoD employees are involved in the extinguishing. A helicopter will be switched on again. At this stage there is no danger for the settlements, the Ministry of Interior assures.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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