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Incident with a freight train at the station in Mezdra

Forums Accidents Incident with a freight train at the station in Mezdra

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    Traffic was blocked due to the problem
    Freight train accident in Mezdra. A freight train derails in the area of ​​the station in the city. The incident happened late on Tuesday night and blocked traffic in both directions – both to Varna and Sofia for hours.

    Some of the passengers traveling to Varna were taken from Mezdra-South station to Roman by bus, from where they were transferred to another train, which took them to Varna.

    According to preliminary information, the composition is owned by a private carrier, owner of the train that caused the tragedy in Hitrino. No casualties were reported. An investigation is under way into the case. An on-site inspection was carried out throughout the night, and work was done to eliminate the problems.

    “On the 13th car at the first bogie of the first wheel, the bandage bracelet has turned over. This may happen during operation. The wagons are empty, they come from Romania “, explained Eng. Boycho Skrobanski, who is Deputy Chairman of the Board of NBRPVVZHT. He pointed out that two cars of the train were lifted on the rails. However, serious damage was done to the station’s infrastructure.

    The driver said that he was driving at less than the allowed speed and everything on the train was fine.

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