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Serious bus accident

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    A serious accident with a passenger bus occurred between Svilengrad and Topolovgrad in the area of the village of Mladinovo. According to initial data, one person died. The incident happened shortly after 6 p.m. According to the first data, the bus was registered in Burgas and was transporting people on an excursion. They were returning from Greece to Burgas. All services are on the scene, several ambulances and fire engines have been dispatched. According to initial information, on road II-55 Nova Zagora – Haskovo (between the villages of Dripchevo and Mladinovo) – on the territory of the district of Haskovo, a passenger bus with Burgas registration, in which 40 passengers were traveling, fell into a ravine by the side of the road. After good coordination, 6 ambulances, 7 police teams and 5 fire trucks from Haskovo, Harmanli and Svilengrad were sent to the crash site. There is information about one death and 10 injured. Thanks to the immediate intervention of the police, all passengers were quickly removed, some were transported to hospital facilities, others were referred for on-site examination and shelter was organized for them. The driver’s alcohol test was negative, he explained to the uniformed officers that the bus overturned on a turn. The Minister of Health, Dr. Asen Medzhidiev: “There is one woman who died. The rest were transported. The ambulance responded adequately. 7 teams arrived on the scene and were transported to the hospitals in Svilengrad and Haskovo. Among the others, there are no people in a very serious condition. Six people with minor injuries are transported to the Haskovo hospital and six people – to the Svilengrad hospital.” The minister pointed out that there are people with injuries, but they are not serious and added that he is fully prepared – if there is a need, any of the victims will be transported to hospitals in Sofia. The company that owns the bus that crashed this evening is from Burgas and has proper documents, Boyko Ranovski, director of the Executive Agency “Automotive Administration”, told our reporter Nikolay Hristov. He indicated that a team of “Automotive Administration” was sent to the spot, including the director of the regional division, and that he personally traveled to the scene of the accident. “The bus is owned by a company from Burgas, which has all the licenses, all the necessary documents, they performed occasional transport from Kavala to Burgas, at the moment everything regarding the documents is in order,” said Ranovski. The mayor of Burgas, Dimitar Nikolov, organized the transportation of the people who were uninjured after the accident near Svilengrad. He talked about moving some of the injured to the seaside town tomorrow. 6 of the women, including the tour guide, are in the hospital in Haskovo and are admitted to surgery and orthopedics with injuries, but there is no danger to their lives, according to the assurances of the director of the hospital, Nikolov reported and added: “There are more people who are currently being diagnosed in the emergency department. There were 47 passengers. 19 were injured, 9 are in the hospital in Haskovo, 4 in Svilengrad, 6 in Harmanli. Two of the injured are in a more serious condition, two children are also among the injured.”


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