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Severe accident near Pleven.

Forums Accidents Severe accident near Pleven.

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    Behind the wheel was a man without a license.
    A severe accident took the life of a 14-year-old boy in the Pleven region, police said. The incident happened on September 16 in the village of Petarnitsa. Behind the wheel was a 20-year-old man without a license who had lost control of the car. The car, which turned repeatedly, was without license plates.

    One of the passengers, a 14-year-old boy, was seriously injured and died at his home in the village. An autopsy is about to be performed. The driver went into hiding after the accident. On September 16, around 2:00 p.m., he went to the police himself. He was detained for 24 hours.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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