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Two dams overflow in Bulgaria

Forums Floods Two dams overflow in Bulgaria

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    However, the release is controlled, the Ministry of Environment and Water reassures
    Five dams on the territory of the country overflow in a controlled manner. These are “Kamchia”, “Studena”, “Pancharevo”, “Pchelina” and “Yovkovtsi”, announced the Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Environment and Water Iliana Todorova.

    “The overflow is controlled. The riverbeds after the dams have been cleaned and there is no danger of spills. “Within days we expect the Asenovets dam, which is over 98% full, and the Borovitsa dam, which is over 99%, to overflow,” Todorova added.

    “The bad thing is that now something unique has happened for the last 15 years, with full dams we have fast melting snow, rain and two cyclones. We passed about 1 billion cubic meters of water through the dams without anyone knowing. Until May 15, we will have a problem to replenish the dams and to meet all the next rains without danger “, said the Minister of Environment and Water Emil Dimitrov.

    The correspondent of NOVA in Stara Zagora announced that the filling of Koprinka Dam is 82%. It is considered strategic because the water supply for several districts, mainly for Stara Zagora, depends on it. It fills the Zhrebchevo dam, and from there the water flows into Ovcharitsa and Rozov Kladenets, which are important for the work of the energy sector.

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