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Z O P O V E D № 1054 / 26.11.2020

Pursuant to Art. 44, para 1, item 1 and para 2 of the Law on Local Self-Government and Local Administration, and in connection with Orders № RD-01-675 and RD-01-677 of 25.11.2020 of the Minister of healthcare


I introduce the following temporary anti-epidemic measures on the territory of the municipality of Belene as of 11.30 pm on 27.11.2020 until 21.12.2020:
1. The present classes (including study practices, internships, external classes, exams, dual system of education, etc.) in the schools of Sofia University "D. Debelyanov", PGYE "MS Curie" and V. Levski Primary School and Center for Support of Personal Development (CPLR-ODK Belene). The decision for transition to distance learning in the electronic environment is taken by the Minister of Education and Science under the conditions and by the order of art. 105, para 6 and 115a, para 1, 4 and 5 of the Law for the preschool and school education.
2. The holding of group extracurricular activities and activities, activities of interest, activities and others, organized in school and extracurricular environment for all age groups, shall be suspended.

3. The present group classes in the language centers, educational centers and other training centers and schools, organized by legal entities and individuals, shall be suspended.

4. Visits to DG "Dream" and DG "Flag of Peace", as well as centers, clubs and others providing organized group services for children are suspended. CPC and CSRI move to remote form of work with children. 5. The holding of congress-conference events, seminars, competitions, trainings, team building, exhibitions and other public events in present form is suspended.
6. The holding of all cultural and entertainment events (cinemas, museums, galleries, stage events, concerts, classes in dance, creative and musical art, etc.) is suspended. An exception is allowed with regard to the theaters, if the seats are occupied up to 30% of their total capacity, observance of a physical distance of at least 5 m and obligatory placement of a protective small for a person.

7. It is not allowed to organize and hold gatherings and celebrations of a private nature (weddings, baptisms, funerals, etc.) with the presence of more than 15 people.

8. Visits to all catering and entertainment establishments within the meaning of Article 124 of the Tourism Act shall be suspended. Only deliveries or taking food for home and office are allowed.

9. All collective and individual sports events of a training and competitive nature for persons up to 18 years of age shall be suspended. All sports events with a training and competitive nature for persons over 18 years of age are held without an audience.

10. The visits to the fitness centers and the halls for group activities to them are suspended. 

11. Visits to gambling halls and casinos are suspended.

12. Visits to shopping centers (representing one or more buildings in which shops, restaurants and other commercial sites are located) and shopping malls of the type of mall, with the exception of grocery stores, medical establishments, pharmacies, drugstores, opticians, shall be suspended. pet stores, banks, insurers, payment service providers, telecommunications operators' offices and other communications service providers in them.

13. The carrying out of group tourist trips (excursions) with organized transport in the country and abroad and group visits to tourist sites in the country shall be suspended.

14. All natural and legal persons, who own or manage commercial, administrative or other objects, which provide services to the citizens, and whose activity is not terminated by this order, shall establish an organization for control of the number of clients in the respective object, not allow more than 1 person per sq.m. and observe all anti-epidemic measures introduced by Order № RD-01-675 / 25.11.2020 of the Minister of Health.

15. Employers and appointing authorities to organize the work process of employees in remote form (teleworking / home work), where possible, allowing the presence of a maximum of 50% of staff. 

16. The grocery stores organize their work, not allowing persons under 65 years of age in the respective sites in the hours between 8.30 and 10.30. 

17. The scheduled admission in the medical establishments for hospital medical care shall be suspended.

18. Visits to outsiders / visits to medical establishments for hospital care are prohibited, with the exception of visits to patients in the terminal stage. The prohibition does not apply to the control bodies in carrying out their control activity. 

19. Visits to outsiders are allowed in the specialized institutions for provision of social services and those for social services of residential type for children and adults, as an exception and at the discretion of the director of the institution in compliance with the introduced anti-epidemic measures on the territory of the institution.

20. The activities, which are not suspended or prohibited by this order, shall be carried out in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures, introduced by Order № RD-01-675 of 25.11.2020 of the Minister of Health. 

21. The order enters into force at 11.30 pm on 27.11.2020.
Intensified control over the implementation of the anti-epidemic measures of this order will be carried out by the employees of the Regional Department-Belene at the OD of the Ministry of Interior-Pleven. The term and scope of the measures may be changed depending on the development of the epidemic situation in the country. This order to be brought to the attention of the population of the municipality of Belene.

Milen Dulev, 
Mayor of Belene Municipality

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