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DEAR CITIZENS, The Municipality of Belene concluded a Contract with the Municipality of Levski for organizing a system for collection of hazardous household waste in mobile collection points. For 2021 the following dates are set: 
• 15.04.2021 - from 10.00-15.00, parking behind the Municipality;
• 14.07.2021 - from 10.00-15.00, parking behind the Municipality; 
• 12.10.2021 - from 10.00-15.00, parking behind the Municipality. 
The hazardous waste generated in the household, which are subject to gratuitous transfer by the citizens are:
expired drugs;
- obsolete electrical and electronic appliances, including - old TVs and stoves, water heaters, refrigerators, computers, electrical household appliances, fluorescent lamps, mercury thermometers and mercury containing waste;
- pesticides, etc. pesticides, acids, bases and photographic chemicals, detergents containing dangerous substances, disinfectants;
- unusable batteries and accumulators
- paints, polishes and varnishes, thinners for paint, turpentine, glues, inks;
- contaminated packaging of the above products;
We warn that improper storage of the hazardous waste listed above, its unauthorized disposal or attempts at unauthorized disposal may lead to serious damage to the environment and human health.

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