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Earthquake in Vrancea

The epicenter is 210 km north of Ruse
 A magnitude 3.9 earthquake was registered today at 4.35 Romanian time in the Romanian seismic region of Vrancea, BTA reports.
 The quake was at a depth of 137 km, according to the National Institute of Geophysics. The closest cities to its epicenter are Brasov (78 km), Ploiesti (94 km), Bacau (99 km). The epicenter is located 210 km north of Ruse.

Two quakes in Romania, one in the Vrancea region
 The National Institute of Geophysics recalls that the strongest earthquake in Romania in 2020 was registered on January 31 in Vrancea with a magnitude of 5.2 on the Richter scale. The quake then, at a depth of 121 km, was felt in the capital Bucharest.
 The institute notes that recently earthquakes with a magnitude of about 3 and less have been registered in Vrancea. This is normal activity for the area. In about two years there was an earthquake with a magnitude between 5 and 6 on the Richter scale, according to the institute.

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