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Two people died after a collision between a truck and a car on the Ruse-Byala road.

The incident happened shortly before 06:00 in the morning in the area of ​​the village of Volovo.

A car moving in the direction of Byala hit a truck traveling in the opposite direction. The team of the Center for Emergency Situations sent on the spot found that two people had died on the spot – a man and a woman, and another woman was taken by ambulance to the Ruse hospital. Police teams are working at the scene. An inspection is being carried out and the reasons and circumstances that led to the incident are to be clarified.

The traffic on the main road is not stopped, it is difficult in the area of ​​the accident and is regulated by the teams of RU – Byala.

A little later, a bus crashed in the area of ​​the railway crossing to Tsenovo, which remained on the railway line, but an organization was set up to withdraw it and the traffic was released.

At 07:15 a signal was received for another road accident in the area of ​​RU – Byala. It was for a truck that spun on the road near the village of Polsko Kosovo and closed traffic. Teams have also been sent there.