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    Head-on collision between a bus and a truck.

    The accident happened on the road Sofia – Varna
    A serious accident from last night. A truck collided head-on with a bus on the Sofia-Varna road. The two drivers died on the spot, as well as one of the passengers on the bus. There are four injured passengers who are not in danger of death.

    The impact took place at night on a wet but sandy road section, where overtaking is prohibited. Bilgul Harunova is among the passengers on the bus. She is studying to be a nurse.

    “Suddenly my seat overturned and I went under the other. I didn’t understand anything because everything happened in seconds. I took the other passengers out by breaking one of the bus windows. My father was a bus driver and I know how this happens, “Harunova explained.

    The passengers were examined in the Emergency Room and released. “They had minor soft tissue injuries. It was not necessary to apply long-term treatment “, said the director of MOBAL – Veliko Tarnovo Dr. Stefan Filev.

    As a result of the accident, boxes with the truck’s load were scattered on the road and on the bus. However, the cause of the head-on collision is still unclear.

    “The accident happened on a straight sandy section with wet asphalt. The expertise will tell the reasons for the accident “, specified the director of the General Development Plan – Veliko Tarnovo, eng. Ventsislav Angelov.

    The road Sofia – Varna remained closed for more than 8 hours until the cash registers were overloaded with soft drinks on the asphalt.

    Later in the day, at a briefing, it became clear that a number of experts were to be appointed to determine the cause of the incident. One of them will be aimed at clarifying whether the two vehicles were technically sound. A forensic examination should show whether any of the drivers had consumed alcohol, said supervising prosecutor Yordan Kozhuharov.

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    Accident near the passage of the Republic.

    A head-on collision between a truck and a bus in the Republic Pass killed.

    Hainboaz is temporarily closed to traffic.
    The accident happened near the village of Voneshta Voda. A bus with a Romanian truck collided head-on. The driver of the bus died on the spot.

    The traffic for cars is redirected through the Shipka pass, and the trucks are waiting on the spot.

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    A severe accident in the Shumen region.

    Police and ambulance teams are on the scene
    An accident took a human life early this morning near Smyadovo. This was announced by the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior in Shumen. Two cars collided. Only the drivers were in them.

    Police and ambulance teams are at the scene.

    The traffic at km 16 on the road ІІ-73 Shumen – Karnobat in the section between the forks for Kulnovo and Smyadovo is carried out temporarily in the lane. RIA urges drivers to drive with increased attention and appropriate speed. The traffic is regulated by the Traffic Police.


    Road accident in the village of Ivanyane.

    A man, a woman and a child were injured in a car accident in the village of Ivanyane. This was announced by the press center of the Ministry of Interior. The signal was given shortly before 8.00 this morning. According to initial data, a car entered the opposite lane of St. St. Cyril and Methodius ”and hit another car. Teams of the Traffic Police and the Emergency Service were immediately sent to the scene.

    The drivers of both cars were transported to a hospital, and a 5-year-old child is in danger of death.

    An inspection was carried out at the site. The circumstances surrounding the incident are being clarified.


    Truck turned to Hemus Motorway

    The driver, a 38-year-old man, was injured. He was transported by ambulance to the capital’s ISUL hospital. He has a head injury, a shoulder fracture and traumatic shock, the Emergency Service told NOVA.

    The traffic in the section of the incident was not stopped.


    Severe accident on the road Sofia – Varna.

    Five people died in a serious accident on the main road Sofia-Varna, near the village of Mikre. One person is in serious condition. The area near the village of Lovech is one of the most dangerous in our country and there are often such incidents.

    “This road accident does not surprise me because it is too fast. The Road Traffic Act is not observed. We slow down the camera because we know we can be sanctioned. An artificial stopper with the restrictions is created and then everyone gives gas. If you pay attention, the accidents happen after sections with introduced speed limits “, explained the automobile expert Krassimir Kostov.

    According to him, the main cause of the accident was not the age of the drivers, but the lack of road culture.

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