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A car fell into a precipice near Simitli.

The accident happened on a dirt road
A man was found dead this morning in a car that fell into a precipice in a village near the Simitli-Predel road, BGNES reported.

The signal was given at 07:15 this morning from the village of Dolno Osenovo, Simitli municipality. The incident happened on a dirt road above the village, most likely last night.

On a right turn, the car veered to the left and fell into a 30-meter precipice. The car stopped in the river, standing on its right side. The death of the man, who is about 40 years old, was ascertained by a team of FSMP-Simitli.

The car is to be pulled out of the abyss with the help of the winch of the fire brigade, which arrived at the scene.

The accident happened on the last turn before the first houses of the village, the road was dug by the rains, there is no guardrail to the precipice.