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Serious accident near Sliven.

Four people died and three were seriously injured
Another serious accident on the road. Four people died in a serious accident on Thursday on the Sub-Balkan road near Sliven, after the junction for the village of Gavrailovo in the direction of Sofia. Two vans collided head-on.

As a result of the accident, one car caught fire, after which the fire spread to the other. The employees of the “Road Police” managed to remove a total of six people from the cars. Four people died.

Three people are hospitalized. One of them remains in a serious condition, in a coma. The other two victims were placed in intensive care. One underwent life-saving surgery, the other is now in contact.

The cause of the serious accident is still under investigation. There are two versions being worked on – incorrect overtaking or distraction of one of the drivers.

“The condition of all participants was extremely serious. Upon arrival, we tried to provide first aid,” said the chief. inspector Iliyan Nikolov – head of the “Road Police” sector in Sliven.

“After the cars were set on fire, it was simply impossible to do anything. About 30 fire extinguishers were used by citizens and our official vehicles, with which we tried to extinguish the vehicles, but to no avail,” he added.