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The 19-year-old, who caused the accident with victims near Strazhitsa, did not have a Bulgarian driver’s license.

Two teenagers died in the accident
The 19-year-old driver who lost control of his vehicle and left the road, killing 16 and 17-year-old children on the spot, was disqualified. He does not have a Bulgarian driver’s license. There is evidence that he has a German driver’s license, the prosecutor’s office revealed.

A total of four teenagers were traveling in the car owned by the driver. A 14-year-old boy was injured in the accident and is in hospital with a severe brain injury.

Iliyan Blagoev, who is a prosecutor in the Veliko Tarnovo District Prosecutor’s Office, said that the prosecution will ask the District Court to keep the 19-year-old driver in custody for up to 72 hours. The car driver has not been drag tested and field tested.

Due to the serious condition of the driver, his blood sample was taken later.
The most likely cause of the crash was high speed on a wet road. After the car became unmanageable, it crashed into roadside trees. According to a former police chief and current director of the Motor Vehicle Administration, the cause of such accidents is cocky young drivers.

“Many of the accidents happen due to ignorance and illiteracy of those who cause the accidents,” said Boyko Ranovski – director of IA DAA.

According to him, the control of the traffic police at one point turns out to be ineffective. And it’s time for them to start patrolling by becoming part of the traffic. Thus, it will not be detected by mobile applications.
“When the police are moving in traffic, and these applications will not show the reality as it is at the moment,” emphasized Ranovski.

After yesterday’s incident near Strazhitsa, the prosecution will ask the District Court to remand the 19-year-old driver. If he is found guilty, the penalty is imprisonment for between 3 and 10 years. The young man has a clean judicial and police record.

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