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A fallen tree in Plovdiv – Bulgaria

Forums Other Disastrous Situations A fallen tree in Plovdiv – Bulgaria

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    A tree split and fell on parked cars in Plovdiv.

    Three cars were crushed
    A tree split in two and landed on parked cars in front of an apartment building in Plovdiv. Three cars were crushed. The incident took place on Sunday at noon in Plovdiv’s Kyuchuk Paris district. Miraculously, there were no casualties.

    “My car was pinned down by branches. That of the neighbors – too. The most horrifying thing is that there is a kindergarten across the street and children play here all day. Measures must be taken. Signals have been submitted several times “, commented Anastasia Stoyanova.

    “The signals are submitted to the regional administrations of the town halls. Sometimes citizens submit signals that we must check. We have not received any information about this particular tree. These trees were worked on years ago. It needs to be processed again. An inspection and assessment will be obligatory “, said Georgi Nikolaev – Deputy Manager of OP” Gardens and Parks “- Plovdiv.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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