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Accident in Varna – Bulgaria

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    Silviq Koleva

    The man drove without a license and after using 3 types of drugs.
    Severe accident in Varna. A car crashed into a bus stop, an 18-year-old was injured. The field test shows that the driver was drugged. The culprit fled the scene.

    After a search by the police, they announced that they had identified and detained the culprit – a 32-year-old man from Varna. It was established that he was driving the car without a license. The drug test showed that the detainee got behind the wheel after using 3 types of drugs.

    After the accident, the driver removed the license plates of his car and hid it in the area above Varna Stadium. In the course of the operative-search actions, the car was found and inspected. The man was detained by the police for up to 24 hours, the case was reported to a prosecutor at the Varna Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

    An 18-year-old man was injured in the accident. He was taken to hospital with concussions and head and shoulder injuries, received medical treatment and was referred for home treatment. The young man is safe.

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