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COVID-19 vaccines in Bulgaria

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    Рostponed the delivery of the new shipment of Pfizer vaccine.

    We had to get 17,550 doses of the preparation
    Due to bad weather conditions, the shipment of 17,550 doses of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine against COVID-19, which was supposed to arrive in Bulgaria today, was postponed. This was announced by the Ministry of Health.

    The courier company reports that due to the bad weather in Germany it is not clear at the moment when the plane will be able to take off. He was expected to arrive in Bulgaria at around 7 am this morning.

    Delivery from Moderna is also expected this week, which will include 6,000 doses.

    The third phase of the vaccination plan has been underway since yesterday. It covers employees from key sectors of the state.

    Silviq Koleva

    NEW BATCH OF VACCINES: We expect 20,060 doses of Pfizer in Bulgaria.

    This will provide the second dose.
    A new shipment of vaccines arrives in our country. 20,060 doses of Pfizer are expected at Sofia Airport. This will provide the second dose to those who have already had the first vaccination.

    The remaining amounts will be distributed to GPs, where there are registered for immunization. Most of the hospitals in the country continue the vaccination in the green corridors.


    A new supply of vaccines has arrived in Bulgaria.

    Another 200,000 doses are expected next week
    Another delivery of vaccines against COVID-19 in our country. 31,590 doses of Pfizer / BioNTech arrived today at Sofia Airport.

    The delivery was received in the warehouse of BulBio. From there, the distribution of doses to the regional health inspections in the country will begin.

    It is estimated that 200,000 doses of vaccines will arrive in Bulgaria next week. And for April, deliveries should reach one million doses.

    It is then assumed that people will now be able to choose exactly which drug to immunize.


    We are expected to receive nearly 5.5 million vaccines by the end of June.

    With the provided quantities of vaccines, “green corridors” for vaccination should be opened
    Bulgaria will receive nearly 5.5 million vaccines by the end of June. This was stated by the resigned Prime Minister Boyko Borissov at an extraordinary government meeting.

    “The third wave of coronavirus in our country is going down,” Borissov said.

    More than 270,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine are expected each week in May, and 410,000 doses per week in June. Moderna’s vaccine will deliver 36,000 doses each week next month, and 41,000 doses a week in the last two weeks of June.

    Estimates from the Ministry of Health show that in the second quarter of the year Bulgaria will receive 3.5 million doses of Pfizer vaccine, 420,000 doses of Moderna, 550,000 doses of Jansen and about 1 million of AstraZeneca, or a total of nearly 5 million. , 5 million doses of vaccine.

    Boyko Borissov stressed that with the quantities of vaccines provided in this way, the green corridors for vaccination in our country should be opened and those wishing to be immunized as soon as possible.

    “Yesterday there were nearly 19,500 vaccinated, I hope that from today their number will be 20,000 per day, and from next week – 30,000-40,000 people. “Enough vaccines have been provided through GPs and vaccination centers,” Borissov said.


    Immunization of workers in the tourism sector begins. This became clear at a briefing of the director of RHI-Varna and the regional governor.

    Although the city is among the most affected by the pandemic in Bulgaria, the pressure on hospitals is decreasing. The free beds in the hospitals for patients with COVID-19 are 171, the intensive free beds are 18 intensive, and the children’s beds – 17, explained the regional governor Stoyan Pasev. The tendency is for the measures to be eased.

    The first tourists of the season from Israel are expected today. There is no change in the requirement to submit a negative PCR test for entry into our country.

    RHIs are expected to start receiving significantly more vaccines.

    “On the 26th we will receive 6 boxes of Pfizer and separately 12 boxes for people working in tourism. We are already in communication with them, we will demand lists “, said Dochka Mihailova, director of RHI.

    Then another 13 boxes of vaccines are expected. There are 195 vials in each box.

    Mihaylova explained that GPs will soon be able to order Pfizer as much as they need.


    Vaccination in Pleven.

    This was announced by RHI.
    In Pleven there is a “green corridor” for all those wishing to be immunized against coronavirus. This was announced by the Regional Health Inspectorate, quoted by BTA.

    The cabinet will work on April 30 and May 3 at the General Hospital for Active Treatment “St. Pantaleymon” in Pleven’s residential district “Druzhba”. Citizens will have the opportunity to be immunized with a vaccine of their choice – Pfizer or AstraZeneka.

    The vaccination office of the hospital will work on the specified dates from 09.00 to 16.00. Pre-registration is not required. Reimmunization will also be performed. Electronically registered to the other offices can be directed to the designated temporary immunization point, according to RHI – Pleven.

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