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Cyclone in Greece

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    A powerful cyclone caused chaos and floods in Greece. Passenger ships are blocked in ports due to strong winds
    A Mediterranean cyclone, dubbed by meteorologists Diomedes, which has swept Greece for the past two days, has caused shipping difficulties and local floods, Greek media reported.

    Passenger ships cannot leave the ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio due to strong winds in the Aegean Sea, which reach the 9th – 10th degree on the Beaufort scale. The lines Agia Marina – Nea Styra, Kavala – Prinos, Thassos are also closed. , and Alexandroupolis – Samothrace. There are flooded roads in the northern part of Euboea, as well as closed schools. Roads in places in northern Greece have also been blocked.

    During the night in the area of ​​Karditsa the dam of the river Kalendzis broke. The villages of Koskina and Psatohori were in danger and at least 50 people had to be evacuated.

    In addition to torrential rains, heavy snow has fallen in many places in northern Greece, causing power outages. More precipitation and storms are expected on Wednesday in much of our southern neighbor, except in the western part of the country, where there will be some improvement. of time. Temperatures will drop further.

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    A strong storm hit Greece.

    The bad weather continues today
    A strong storm hit Greece, one person is unknown. Authorities on the island of Evia are looking for a man, with a helicopter and rescuers involved.

    Wind at a speed of 143 kilometers per hour uprooted trees and stopped the movement of most ferries. The ferry could not reach the port of Samos for more than five hours.

    There are flooded houses and shops on the island of Evia, and the streets are also under water, locals said. The Attica region is also heavily affected by storms. There are uprooted trees there. Hail and hail in several areas, and roads in Xanthi were flooded.

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