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Fire at Mount Veikata

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    Pavel Razhgev

    25 firefighters and about 60 forest officials are on the ground
    The extinguishing of the fire, which is burning near the Veikata peak on the Bulgarian-Greek border, continues. On Greek territory, they have been trying to control the elements for more than ten days.

    On Friday morning, the situation in the Bulgarian part calmed down. “There are already 25 firefighters and about 60 forest officials on the ground,” commented Nikolay Kirilov from the local fire department.

    The fire is raging in hard-to-reach terrain. It takes the firefighters nearly three hours to reach the front. “The terrain is extremely difficult, very rugged,” he added.

    The deputy regional governor of Kardzhali, Biser Nikolov, reassured that the fire is limited in terms of access to populated areas. “We hope from the Greek side to locate their part to stop the spread,” he added.

    On Thursday, a helicopter was involved in extinguishing the fire. Today, the machine will come to the rescue again. There is also heavy equipment in the mountains due to the peculiarities of the terrain.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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