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Fire in the village of Luti dol in Mezdra

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    A big fire is burning in the village of Lyuti Dol in Mezdra. The signal for him was given in the first minutes of December 29. The fire broke out quickly, engulfing an agricultural building full of combustible materials, a new two-story apartment building and part of an old house next door.

    The owners were guests in the capital for the holidays and had to return without time. They suspect intentional actions. Despite the efforts of firefighters, the damage is great.

    “The damage is not small, one outbuilding has completely burned down, the other, the new house, and it has burned down,” Nikola Nikolov, deputy mayor of the village of Lyuti Dol.

    The owner of the property is still in shock.

    “I still can’t figure out who it could be. The new part has no roof, the doors and windows have burned down, the cement is standing, but everything that could have burned down,” said Pavlina Yordanova. The family claims that there are no enemies, not ruling out that the perpetrator or perpetrators have confused the property.

    What is the reason and whether there is intent, the investigation will clarify. Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted in the case

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