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Lava explosions from Mount Etna

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    The phenomenon could be observed from most of the east coast of the island of Sicily.
    The highest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna, located on the Italian island of Sicily, illuminated the sky last night with explosions and lava fountains. This, along with clouds of ash, caused astonishment among eyewitnesses and users on social media, Reuters reported.

    Silviq Koleva

    Mount Etna erupted again.

    Black ash littered the roads in nearby towns
    The highest active volcano in Europe – Mount Etna, erupted again. The sky over Catania on Sunday morning was stained with black ash, which also littered roads in nearby towns, and residents used shovels to clean.

    The southeastern part of the crater is the epicenter of the new eruption, which began on February 16 and has illuminated the sky seven times in recent days.

    On Wednesday, there were explosions, pillars of smoke and lava fountains at a height of 400 meters.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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