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No electricity after snowfall in Vratsa region

Forums Other Disastrous Situations No electricity after snowfall in Vratsa region

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    It is most critical in the village of Zgorigrad
    Once again, the first heavy snowfall left without electricity settlements in Vratsa region. There are power outages in the municipalities of Vratsa, Mezdra and Krivodol.

    It is most critical in the village of Zgorigrad, where there is no electricity at night.

    Once again, the mountain village of Zgorigrad, the largest in the municipality of Vratsa, is without electricity during the first heavy and prolonged snow.

    The electricity stopped during the night and according to the forecast of the electricity distribution company it will be restored by 5 pm.

    “With every natural phenomenon – rain, wind, snowfall, we still have no electricity. How come? Living in a village, what makes us less privileged than citizens. And when we have to pay for electricity with pensions, we have to at the moment, because otherwise sanctions will follow. It always breaks. There are babies in the village, we are retired, so to speak, but there are people who have small children. What are they doing? ”Commented a resident of the village.

    The village is supplied with a mountain transmission line, which is not well maintained and this is the reason for the frequent accidents and interruptions, say the victims.

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