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Snow has blocked nearly 2,000 villages in Turkey

Forums Complicated Winter Conditions Snow has blocked nearly 2,000 villages in Turkey

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    The winter situation is extremely severe
    Due to heavy snowfall, access to 1,875 villages in 16 districts in eastern Turkey has been blocked, the Anatolian Agency reported.

    The winter situation in the districts of Sivas, Bilecik, Adyaman, Erzurum, Agra, Erzincan, Van, Hakkari, Mush, Bitlis, Shernak, Malatya, Bingol, Siirt, Batman, Malatya is extremely severe. Hundreds of snowplows and other equipment have been involved in road snow removal efforts.

    In some places, due to bad weather, a one-day wooden holiday has been announced for students, and pregnant women and people with disabilities have the right not to go to work today.In the last few days, many parts of Turkey, including eastern Anatolia, have been trapped on a cold front.

    Temperatures in many places dropped to minus 15 degrees Celsius, and temperatures to minus 20 degrees Celsius are expected in the coming days.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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