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Storm in Bulgaria

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    Severe storm damage in Devin as well.

    There are fallen trees and blown away roofs
    Damage to residential and commercial buildings in Devin as well. The roofs of some of them in two districts of the city were blown away. Describing the damage began this morning.

    There were no injured people, but the element caused damage to almost every fifth house in the Nastan neighborhood of Devin. The hurricane-force wind partially lifted roofs, broke windows, and dislodged roof tiles. Throughout the day, people tried to repair the damage to the houses themselves, because they are afraid that it will rain again. The storm also knocked down many trees. The power supply is gradually being restored.

    Half the roof of Galab Milev’s house is in pieces.

    “I will need at least BGN 10,000. If I leave it like this during the winter, the whole house will be ruined,” says the man.

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    AFTER THE STORM: The municipality of Burgas also declared a partial state of emergency.

    There are over 130 reports of broken cars and more than 450 reports of uprooted trees
    After Pomorie, the municipality of Burgas also declared a partial state of emergency. Parts of the Meden Rudnik neighborhood remain without street lighting.

    Over 130 reports of broken cars and more than 450 uprooted trees have been filed on the territory of the municipality.

    On Sunday, a powerful storm hit Burgas. Fallen trees, demolished houses and yachts dragged into the sea, injured people. This is part of the balance sheet from the element. The municipality of Pomorie declared a partial state of emergency and gathered a crisis headquarters to deal with the consequences of the stormy weather.

    According to Prof. Maria Neikova, regional governor of Burgas, the crisis is under control, and the removal of fallen trees continues. “The infrastructure is very damaged, there is a lot of damage that is yet to be assessed. Including damage to buildings, schoolyards, personal cars,” she said.

    According to her, electricity has been restored to a large part of the Burgas region, including in “Meden Rudnik”. “Pillars were knocked down, wires were broken. The Minister of Agriculture is assisting because a large part of the production has been destroyed, including vineyards and grapes. From tomorrow, interdepartmental commissions will begin work that will describe the damage so that compensations can be paid. “Prisoners also help to repair the damage,” stressed Prof. Neikova.


    A hurricane-like wind caused serious damage in Ruse as well.

    Its speed has reached over 120 km/h
    A stormy wind also caused damage in the Municipality of Ruse. This was announced by the director of the municipal directorate “Public order and security” Georgi Ignatov, quoted by BTA.

    The hydrometeorological station in the Danube city explained that the wind speed at noon reached over 120 km/h. A storm warning has been issued to ship captains on the Danube River. Ignatov explained that there were reports of fallen trees and branches, as well as several cars affected by them. Crews are working on the cleanup.

    Part of the village of Buzan is without electricity due to damage to a substation. The problem is being fixed. A tree fell on the road between the villages of Khotantsa and Dolno Ablanovo, which was removed.

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