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    Trucks were stuck tonight on the Batak-Dospat road in the Kartela area due to the accumulated snow. There were also reports of stuck trucks in the areas of the “Trakia” highway and on the Pazardzhik-Panagyurishte road in the area of the village of Popintsi. This was informed by the Regional Police Directorate in Pazardzhik. During the night, snowfall fell on the territory of the entire region, which created conditions for the presence of a small snow cover on the road network, but the temperatures in the low parts are positive and it melts quickly. On the high parts and in wet places at low temperatures there are conditions for ice formation. The road patrols of the “Road Police” sector and the regional offices throughout the region are tasked with active monitoring of the state of the republican and municipal road networks and, if necessary, contact with the managers of the snow removal companies. ODMVR-Pazardzhik warns drivers to drive with caution, with technically sound and equipped cars, to keep the necessary distance and to signal in case of problems on the road. With special attention to move on the roads from the mountainous part of the district – between Batak and Dospat, where more snow has fallen and although the road is being cleaned, there are snow drifts on the side. The same applies to the roads Velingrad-Yundola-Yakoruda, Belovo-Yundola and Panagyurishte – the village of Panagyurski colonies.

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