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    Weather forecast (19.03.2021 – morning)
    Rain and snow will fall in almost the entire country from Saturday to Wednesday
    A Mediterranean cyclone passes over Greece and Turkey, which will affect the southern half of our country during the day. There will be more significant clouds and rainfall in Central Southern and Southeastern Bulgaria. It will snow in the Rhodopes. The wind has already calmed down and today it will be weak almost all over the country. Temperatures in the afternoon will be between 6 and 11 degrees. The warmest will be in the valley of the river Struma.

    In the mountains of Southwestern Bulgaria and some massifs of Stara Planina it will snow, in Strandzha and Sakar – rain. The wind will be weaker than in recent days, and temperatures in the warm part of the day will be between minus 6 and plus 1 degree.

    With the onset of the astronomical spring on Saturday to Wednesday, our country will again fall under the influence of an extensive multicenter system with low pressure. It will rain on Saturday around noon from the southwest, first rain, and with the fall of temperatures, wet March snow. Heavy snowfall is expected in many places in the Danube Ranina on Sunday evening and Monday. Stopping the rains is not expected until Wednesday night. Daily temperatures in the coming days will fluctuate in the range of 5-8 degrees.

    Snow, rain and cold in almost all of Bulgaria

    In many places in the country – in the western regions, in the Fore-Balkans and in the Danube plain, a snow cover will form, which will melt quickly. Some weather models allow up to 20-30 centimeters of snow cover. In the mountains to the southwest and in the Balkan Mountains will accumulate significant amounts of new snow.

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