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The meteorological forecast for 05.04.2021

       During the night in Western Bulgaria the rains will stop, the clouds will start to break. In the central and eastern regions there will still be mostly light rainfall, in the Fore-Balkans and Northeastern Bulgaria the rain will mix with snow. A light to moderate northeast wind will blow in the eastern half of the country, which will penetrate some more cold air. The prevailing minimum temperatures will be between minus 1 ° and 4 °. Tomorrow by noon the precipitation will stop everywhere, from the west the clouds will continue to break and decrease and in the afternoon sunny weather will prevail over Western and Central Bulgaria. The wind will weaken, in places temporarily, and will subside; in the afternoon it will acquire a southern component, it will be weak and with it the temperatures will start to rise, the maximum will be mainly between 10 ° and 15 °.
       Above the mountains before noon it will be mostly cloudy and foggy, mainly in the eastern regions - with light rainfall. In the afternoon the precipitation will stop everywhere, the clouds from the west will continue to break, over the massifs in Western and Central Bulgaria to mostly sunny. A moderate wind with a northern component will blow, on the highest peaks of Rila, Pirin and Stara Planina it will be strong, from the west. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters will be about 4 °, at 2000 meters - about minus 1 °.
      Over the Black Sea coast the clouds before noon will be significant, there will be light rainfall. In the afternoon the precipitation will stop, in the evening the clouds will break and decrease. In the morning the wind will be from the northeast, it will be to moderate, later in the day it will acquire a southern component. Air temperatures will be 10 ° -12 °. The temperature of the sea water is 8 ° -9 °. The sea wave will weaken and will be 1-2 points.

Map of the forecasted dangerous phenomena in the Republic of Bulgaria for 05.04.2021:
Map of the estimated quantities for 24-hour precipitation for April 5, 2021:

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