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Two foresters died in a fire in the Blagoevgrad region, houses were burning in Starosel

Two forest guards died in a fire near the Sandanski village of Petrovo, and another of their colleagues suffered severe burns, the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior in Blagoevgrad was quoted as saying by BTA.

A signal for a forest fire near Petrovo was given minutes after midnight. The fire covered about twenty acres of deciduous forest. The fire, which was extinguished from the ground, quickly became high and the employees failed to escape. It is assumed that they suffocated, adds BNT.

Grass fire is the most common situation in which materials burn on the surface such as old leaves, grass, fallen dry branches, etc. Peak fire occurs when flames pass through the crowns of trees and its development is much more intense, unpredictable and can be regardless of whether something is burning on the ground.

A fire that broke out near the village of Starosel in Hissar affected six houses, informs BTA. Their occupants were evacuated, no one was injured. Many teams, fire trucks and equipment from the Regional Directorate of Fire Safety and Protection of the Population / RD PBZN / from Plovdiv, Karlovo, Hissarya, Strelcha, Kazanlak and others were sent to the place. A Kugar helicopter from the 24th Krumovo air base, forestry employees from the South Central State Enterprise, volunteers and people from the village took part in the extinguishing.

The caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev convened an extraordinary meeting tonight on the occasion of the disaster
situation as a result of the fires in the country, the need for urgent action to control it and immediate measures to prevent tragic incidents. In front of the media, he expressed his condolences to the relatives of those killed near the village of Petrovo. Yanev called on us not to allow accidental fires and to signal where we see a fire. Temperatures are high and human activity is at the root of these fires, the prime minister said. He called on district and municipal authorities to optimize their work and improve fire prevention.

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