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WEATHER FORECAST for 10.03.2021

A cold atmospheric front will pass through Bulgaria next day. It will be cloudy, windy and with rain, in the northwestern regions - from snow. A moderate to strong northeast wind will blow, which in the afternoon will be oriented from west-northwest and with it cold air will enter. By the evening in many places in Northern Bulgaria and on the high fields of the West the rain will turn into snow. A snow cover will form. In the Fore-Balkans and Ludogorie there will be conditions for precipices and gusts. The minimum temperatures will be mostly between minus 2 ° and 3 °. The maximum temperatures will be from 1 ° - 3 ° in Northwestern Bulgaria, where they will remain without a significant daily course, to 9 ° - 11 ° in the southeastern regions of the country. In the mountains it will be cloudy, windy and with precipitation mainly from snow, below about 1200 meters - from rain. A moderate to strong south wind will blow, which in the afternoon will be oriented from west to northwest and with it cold air will enter. As the temperatures decrease, the snowfall limit will decrease. In many places on the mountain passes will form precipices and gusts. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters will be about 2 °, at 2000 meters - about minus 3 °. 
It will be cloudy and windy along the Black Sea coast. A moderate to strong wind from the east-northeast will blow. In the afternoon there will be rain, more significant on the northern coast. Maximum temperatures will be between 5 ° and 10 °. The sea wave will be 3-4 points. The temperature of the sea water is 7 ° - 8 °. On Thursday night, the wind will be west-northwest. 
Map of the forecasted dangerous phenomena in the Republic of Bulgaria for March 10, 2021:

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