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WEATHER FORECAST for 26.01.2021


During the night the clouds will increase rapidly again and snowfalls will start from the northwest. The wind will again temporarily orient from the south, in Eastern Bulgaria it will be moderate to strong. Minimum temperatures - between minus 1 and 4 °, in the eastern and southern regions up to 7-8 °. Tomorrow the wind will again be oriented from the northwest, in the afternoon in Eastern Bulgaria - from the north, it will intensify and with it cold air will start to invade. It will be cloudy with snowfall, in the eastern and southern regions - from rain. In the afternoon the snowfall in the northwestern regions will stop. At 14 o'clock the temperatures will be between 1 ° and 6 °, higher in Eastern Bulgaria - up to 10 ° -12 °. During the night against Wednesday with the cold and in Eastern Bulgaria the rain will turn into snow, will be intense and in combination with a strong north wind there will be blizzards and gusts. In the mountains it will be cloudy and foggy with snowfall. A southwest wind will blow, which around noon will start to orient from the north, will intensify and with it will start cooling. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters will be about 3 °, at 2000 meters - about minus 4 °.  
It will be cloudy over the Black Sea coast. In the afternoon it will start to rain, which will turn into snow by midnight. A moderate to strong south-southwest wind will blow, which will be oriented from the north in the evening, will intensify and cold air will start to enter with it. Maximum air temperatures will be 10 ° -13 °. The temperature of the sea water is 8 ° -10 °. The sea wave will be 2-3 points.

Map of for January 26, 2021:
For January 26, 2021, the NIMH-MES and the Air Force announced a yellow code for snowfall over the northwestern part of the country, as well as for rainfall, which will subsequently turn into snow for southeastern Bulgaria.

Map of the estimated quantities for 24-hour precipitation for 26.01.2021:

Карта на прогнозната снежна покривка за 26.01.2021 г.:

Meteorological forecast from the Air Force Medical Center for January 26, 2021:
Phenomena: in the morning from the northwest will begin precipitation of rain, which in most places will quickly turn into snow, with the formation of snow cover. Around and in the afternoon the precipitation will cover the whole country. Danger of icing and ice, formation of precipices and snowstorms - especially in the northeastern regions and mountain passes. Amount of precipitation: from 5 to 15 l / sq.m, from 2 to 15 cm snow cover; in the south-southeastern regions from 30 to 50 l / sq.m. and from 10 to 20 cm of snow cover, and in places in the Eastern Rhodopes and Strandzha from 70 to 100 l / sq.m. and over 20 cm of snow cover. Wind: before noon from west-northwest, from 3 to 6 m / s, but in the southeastern half of the country from southwest, from 5 to 8 m / s with gusts up to 20 m / s, and after noon everywhere from northwest-north, from 3 to 6 m / s with gusts of 10 to 15 m / s, around the mountain ridges with gusts around and above 25 m / s.

Minimum temperatures: between 0 and 5 degrees, up to 6-8 degrees in the southeastern regions.
Maximum temperatures: between 2 and 7 degrees, up to 10-12 in the southeastern regions.

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